We're taking a short break!

We're temporarily closing while we move production facilities.

Questions you might be asking:

What will happen to my subscription?
Please note that your subscription has been put on hold. You will not be charged for any future orders.

Can I still place an order?
Whether you are a new or existing customer, new orders cannot be placed until we're back in action; we'll let you know when we're up and running again via email.

I received an email confirmation for an upcoming order. Will I be receiving that order?
Yes, that order will still be delivered.

Has my account information been saved?
Yes. Your account information has been saved so you can log in to your account once we return.

How long till you're back in action?
We'll let you know when we'll be back via email. It shouldn't be too long!

Have more questions?
Contact us at [email protected]